About Derek Mackay

Derek is constituency Member of the Scottish Parliament for Renfrewshire North and West.

Derek was first elected as member of the Scottish Parliament for Renfrewshire North and West in May 2011. At the 2016 Scottish Parliament election he increased his share of the vote to 48%, being returned with a majority of 7,373.

He currently serves in the Scottish Government as Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work. Prior to this Derek served as Minister for Local Government and Planning  from December 2011 until November 2014, and as Minister for Transport and the Islands from December 2014 to May 2016.

Derek also served as SNP Business Convener (Chairman of the Party) from 2011 until 2018.

Elected to Renfrewshire Council in 1999 at the age of 21 he was the youngest male Councillor in Scotland at the time. He won three successive ward elections, to become Leader of Renfrewshire Council in May 2007, taking the SNP from opposition to lead the administration for the first time.  He became a national figure in local government leading the SNP group at COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) 2009-2011.

He served on Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board as a Non Executive Director and Chair of Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership (2007 – 2011). He was also previously chair of the Paisley Vision Board and Renfrewshire’s Fairtrade Steering Group.

Derek enjoys reading, running, swimming and time at the gym.  To contact Derek please  click here..