The SNP were tonight celebrating as they topped the poll in Renfrewshire at the European Parliament Election.

Scotland will elect six MEPs, with the SNP on course to win three seats.

In Renfrewshire the SNP gained 41.5% of the vote in first place. Labour, who may not win any of the six seats up for grabs, dropped to 3rd place in Renfrewshire with only 13% of the vote. Brexit Party beat them to second.

The SNP have now won six elections in a row in Renfrewshire.

The final number of MEPs for each party will be known on Monday.

Derek Mackay MSP said:

“Thank you to the voters who have again put their trust in the SNP. After 12 years in Government gaining 41% of the vote locally is simply stunning in what is our sixth election win in a row in Renfrewshire.

“But what a disastrous night this is for the Labour Party locally. To finish third in Renfrewshire with only 13% of the vote is a new low for a party which was the Council administration only 2 years ago.”

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