Mackay slams Labour for voting against multi-million-pound investment in Renfrewshire’s roads

Labour propose cut to road spending.

Renfrewshire North & West MSP Derek Mackay has today slammed Labour for voting against a £40 million investment in Renfrewshire’s roads.

At last week’s Renfrewshire Council budget meeting Labour Councillors voted against the record funding going to resurfacing, pothole repairs and line re-painting.  Instead Labour’s proposals would have seen spending on local roads and footpaths being cut.

The SNP’s proposals were eventually passed, despite Labour joining the Tories in voting against the investment.

Derek Mackay said:

“Not only did Labour vote against a £40 million investment in our local roads and footpaths, they also revealed that if they were running Renfrewshire Council they would be cutting spending on roads and paths.

“During Labour’s time in charge of Renfrewshire Council they slashed money for roads and footpaths year after year, depriving our highways of the general maintenance they needed, while not fixing pot holes correctly. That is why we are now in a position of having so many roads and footpaths needing major work done to them.

“Over the last year a lot of roads and paths have been resurfaced, but there is still a lot of work to do. For Labour Councillors to vote against putting this record amount of money into bringing our roads up to the standard they should be at is disgraceful, particularly as they caused the mess in the first place.

“Labour neglected our roads when in office, and if they were still in office they would be continuing to cut spending – something their own draft budget confirmed.

“Potholes and footpath conditions is something which affects everyone across Renfrewshire and is one of the biggest issues I am contacted about as a local MSP. I am therefore pleased this record investment is happening, despite Labour’s attempts to stop it.”

One thought on “Mackay slams Labour for voting against multi-million-pound investment in Renfrewshire’s roads”

  1. I am extremely angry at Labour about this. I have been trying for years to get our pavement in Kilnside Road sorted in Paisley which has never been touched for over 25 years. It looks like a war zone there are so many holes in it. I am so glad that this has been passed and I do hope that something will finally be done to sort this. As I am fed up complaining about it.

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