Seven years of free prescriptions

Renfrewshire residents saving on average £160 a year

Renfrewshire residents are saving an average of over £160 a year on their prescriptions, independent figures can reveal.

As of 1st April, prescription charges in England will rise to £8.80, however, Scots currently pay nothing, and have done since 2011 when they were abolished by the SNP Scottish Government.

On average, Scots take out 19 prescriptions per year. If these were charged at the English rate of £8.60 each, people in Scotland would be out of pocket by an average of £1,143.80 since 2011.

The calculations come from the Scottish Parliaments Information Centre (SPICe).

Commenting, Renfrewshire North & West MSP Derek Mackay said:

“As we mark 7 years since the SNP abolished prescription charges in Scotland, in England the Tories are increasing the tax on ill health to nearly £9 a prescription.

“I am proud of the Scottish Government’s record on free prescriptions – ensuring that anyone in Renfrewshire who is sick or living with a long-term illness does not have to pay, saving them on average over £160 a year.

“Alongside scrapping tuition fees, ending parking charges at NHS-run hospital car parks and protecting free eye tests, we’re demonstrating a firm commitment to providing public services that are free at the point of use.”

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