Labour join with Tories to vote against money and jobs coming to Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire to benefit from Scottish Budget
Budget passes first Parliamentary vote

Renfrewshire will benefit from the Scottish budget, through increased funding for the NHS, the expansion of early learning and childcare and the building of new affordable homes.

The revised Budget proposals announced today will see an additional £5.2 million coming to Renfrewshire Council to spend on local services, as well as the initial £18 million investment in the National Manufacturing Institute to be based in Inchinnan.

The Stage 1 budget passed in the Scottish Parliament today, as Finance Secretary and Renfrewshire MSP Derek Mackay received cross party support from Green MSPs and two Liberal Democrats MSPs.

Meanwhile local Labour MSPs joined forces with the Tories to vote against the investment coming to Renfrewshire.

Renfrewshire North & West MSP and Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said:

“This budget invests record amounts in our NHS, supports our efforts to improve attainment in our schools, which will see over £4million coming to directly to Renfrewshire’s teachers next year. It also invests in our economy with support for infrastructure and broadband.

“Our changes to tax ensure Scotland has a progressive tax system – with 70% of taxpayers paying less next year than they do currently and 55% paying less than they would across the rest of the UK.

“The SNP have also protected free education and free prescriptions, ensuring no one in Scotland or Renfrewshire pays a tax on ill health or their ability to learn.

“We’ve also given an additional £5.2million to Renfrewshire Council, on top of the money already allocated, to spend on local services.

“In partnership with the Tories, Labour voted against this extra money coming to Renfrewshire and they voted against the £18 million coming to the manufacturing institute in Inchinnan. Local Labour MSPs joining forces with the Tories to vote against jobs coming to Renfrewshire. Yet again, Labour putting their party before Renfrewshire.”

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