First Minister urges Renfrewshire voters to put trust in SNP

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has urged Renfrewshire voters to put their “trust in the SNP to work hard for Renfrewshire”.

As postal votes start to arrive in this year’s Council election, the SNP leader said all of the local candidates are “ready to work hard” to deliver on expanding childcare, protecting local services and empowering communities.

Former SNP Council leader Derek Mackay MSP, who currently serves as Scotland’s Finance Secretary, has joined the First Minister’s calls, and urged the people of Renfrewshire to think carefully about who they want to see run Renfrewshire Council.

The SNP are fielding 24 candidates, made up of 12 men and 12 women, across the 12 Renfrewshire wards.

Nicola Sturgeon said:

“This May, people will go the polls to elect a new council for Renfrewshire.

“All of our local candidates are ready to work hard to deliver key SNP priorities such as expanding childcare, closing the attainment gap, protecting local services and empowering communities.

“We’re proud to have more women standing for the SNP in Renfrewshire than ever before, with a 50/50 gender balanced team of candidates.

“On May 4th put your trust in the SNP to work hard for Renfrewshire and to build a better Scotland.”

Renfrewshire MSP Derek Mackay, who also serves as SNP Party Chair, added:

“The people of Renfrewshire have an opportunity to elect a new Council with fresh ideas and a renewed sense of purpose.

“The SNP are fielding a dynamic team, which I am very happy to support.

“When casting your vote, the people of Renfrewshire have a choice to make, do we continue with Labour, who themselves are not convinced they will win and are potentially already lining up coalition deals with the Tories. A Labour administration which has cut road and environmental budgets, allowed our roads to fall into a dreadful state, allowed Renfrewshire to become the third worst Council area in Scotland when it comes to street cleaning, and let’s not forget the complete waste of £300,000 of public money when they closed, and then re-opened local amenity sites.

“Alternatively, we can choose a fresh start with the SNP, who have put quality core services, such as proper long term maintenance of our roads, street lighting which actually works and a cleaner environment for all, at the heart of our plans for Renfrewshire.”

SNP Group Leader Cllr Kenny MacLaren said:

“Our manifesto outlines our aims for the future and how we intend to take Renfrewshire forward.

“For too long the people of Renfrewshire have been ignored by the current Labour administration. Whether it’s people in Ferguslie awaiting demolition of their houses to make way for a sports centre or residents looking for decent streetlights and roads when Labour are pouring millions into vanity projects like duck ponds at the Racecourse – Labour simply aren’t listening. We need to, and we intend to change that.

“Our manifesto aims to focus on working more closely with our local communities; empowering them to grow and take control of resources that are key to them and to work to create a better, cleaner and greener environment for all.”

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