Labour have no excuses, “it’s time to deliver.”

The week before Renfrewshire Council sets its budget for 2017/2018, Renfrewshire North & West MSP and Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has told Labour “it’s time to deliver” in Renfrewshire Council and end the excuses for their own failures during their time in Administration.

Derek Mackay said:

“I have heard Labour come up with excuse after excuse on their failure to deliver in administration of Renfrewshire Council, but there can be no doubt the settlement for local government is a good one, and even better than they were expecting.

“Local services are set to benefit from an increase of over £11million in new resources. This includes an additional £5 million of funding which I announced last week. Additional funding Labour MSPs voted against.

“Labour in Renfrewshire, had been building a war chest, an election fund built with local taxes to go on a pre-election spending spree, all while local communities were crying out for investment in the areas that matter. They slashed environmental and roads budgets but earmarked millions for their own unnecessary pet projects.

“They wasted £300,000 on closing then reversing the closure of amenity sites, mismanaging the Council and wasting money in the process.

“They put local tax payers money into their own council offices and kick-started junkets abroad for Councillors, rather than prioritising public services.

“They have been desperate to hike Council Tax even when households were suffering, and walked away from the body that negotiates council funding, only to complain about the decisions they now have a self-imposed absence from.

“Labour have turned the clock back on Renfrewshire. It was under Labour that Paisley town centre suffered the sharpest decline, and improvement schemes in towns and villages have stalled.

“They have run out of ideas and energy.

“Most projects competed in Renfrewshire in the last few years were actually commissioned by the previous SNP Administration I led. All Labour did was cut the ribbons at their openings. Park Mains High school, Johnstone High school and St. James Primary to mention just a few.

“Labour are letting down Renfrewshire – it’s time for a change, and as they approach their budget decisions I demand they use their resources wisely.”

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