Mackay Urges Residents to Check their Energy Bills

Renfrewshire North & West MSP Derek Mackay is today urging families across Renfrewshire to check their energy bills to ensure they are paying the correct amount.

With energy companies often sending customers estimated bills, which may be wrong, many customers can end paying for more than they actually use or suddenly owing hundreds of pounds at a later date.

The SNP MSP, Mr Mackay, warned:

“Previous research has shown that up to a quarter of Scottish households have been billed incorrectly as a result of being sent estimated bills. It is therefore extremely important that bill payers check their bills carefully when they come in.

“Failing to do so may result in inaccuracies on the account, which could leave residents unexpectedly owing hundreds of pounds to energy companies.

“Relying on estimates to calculate your bill may also result in overpaying energy suppliers, which could take a while to receive back.

“The only way to ensure you are paying for what you use, and to prevent any unexpected large bills landing on your doorstep, is to make sure you provide your energy company with a regular meter reading, rather than relying on estimated bills.”

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