Mackay Reselected as SNP Candidate for Renfrewshire North & West in 2016 Election

Derek Mackay MSP has been unanimously reselected as SNP candidate for the Renfrewshire North & West constituency for next year’s Scottish Parliament election.

The reselection was ratified at a meeting of the Renfrewshire North & West Constituency Association of the SNP last night (Tuesday 14th July). The SNP’s National Executive Committee will now make the final approval.

Mr Mackay is the current MSP for the constituency following victory in the 2011 election. He also serves as Scottish Government Minister for Transport & Islands and is the SNP’s Business Convener.

Speaking Mr Mackay said:

“I am delighted to have been reselected as the SNP candidate for next year’s Holyrood election. I am extremely grateful to the local party members, old and new, for putting their trust in me.

“It has been an honour to represent the people of Renfrewshire North & West in the Scottish Parliament for the last four and a half years – building on the work I started while serving as a Councillor in the twelve years previous. My enthusiasm for this area will never diminish.

“Between now and next May’s Scottish election I will continue to represent my constituents in every way I can, it’s the local matters that make a difference.”

Convener of the Renfrewshire North & West SNP Constituency Association, Cllr Bill Perrie, said:

“The local constituency members have unanimously backed Derek to be our candidate again for next year’s Scottish Parliament election.

“Derek has been an outstanding MSP for Renfrewshire North & West, and has also proven to be an extremely competent Government Minister.

“I look forward to working with Derek and the constituencies 1,400 SNP members to secure his re-election next year.”

Derek Mackay MSP bio can be found at:

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